EPK of the Week: The Nobility's Jetpack's 2001 VHS Cassette



Wait for it ...
  • Wait for it ...

By golly, the boys of The Nobility (nee Jetpack UK, nee Jetpack) know how to make us chuckle. And in these, the days of post-millennial cynicism, any press kit that warrants a chuckle — and doesn't feature a one-sheet that invariably ends up being more like a dozen-sheet — deserves at least a blog post, I'd say.

The Nobility, of course, has made a habit of entertaining us with their press releases — you may recall that they sent along a very impressive package when they released their The Secret of Blennerhassett Island late last year. Well, with the recent announcement that they'd re-form under their old moniker, Jetpack, to perform some retired tunes at the Seth Graves-organized First Annual Reunion 8 off 8th April 23 at Mercy Lounge, it seems the boys decided to live up to our expectations and get mirthful with it. Yesterday, I received a VHS cassette (pictured above and after the jump) sent to me via time-warp and labeled Jetpack '01 Electronic Press Kit. The blurb on the back of the cassette case reads as follows:

Now that Jetpack has released a low-fi EP and played a handful of shows, they will probably be riding a tidal wave of stardom to [the] top of the music industry, where they’ll take their place along side rock 'n' roll mainstays like New Found Glory, Sum 41, MxPx and American Hi-Fi. And with a name like “Jetpack,” how can they not? Fame is inevitable. Let’s all sit back and enjoy the ride!

Oh, but there's more ...

The sleeve also features the following quotes:

“ … Jetpack will restore your faith in the meaningless, three-and-a-half minute pop song.” —The Nashville Rage

“Jetpack makes sweet, catchy power pop … the hooks and clever word play leap out at you.” —Knoxville MetroPulse

“Not bad. … I mean … it isn’t complete shit.” —Sound Guy From Vino’s in Little Rock, Ark.

The obvious chuckle-points of calling bands like American Hi-Fi and New Found Glory "mainstays" aside, The Nobility Jetpack also had a bit of fun at their own expense with that "name like 'Jetpack' " line and the sound guy quote. So let's watch that cassette, am I right? Oh wait ... the inside of the sleeve reads thusly:

Alright, We’re Busted …

This “EPK” is a total fake. We wish something like that actually existed so we could all look back and make fun of what d-bags we were. Alas, Jetpack was far too lazy to pull together something as elaborate as an “electronic press kit” ten years ago. We hope the copy of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off serves as an adequate consolation prize.

Something that does exist is the First Annual Mercy Lounge 8 off 8th Reunion Show taking place on April 23rd. Jetpack is a participant.

Punch line!
  • Punch line!

Indeed! But hey, now I've got a complimentary copy of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Who wants to have a screening at my house? I've got a pretty ballin' DVD/VHS combo. It even works occasionally.

Points to you, The Nobility Jetpack.

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