The Week in Fresh Tracks [Turbo Fruits, Ayebawl, Coupler, Cortney Tidwell, Honey Locust]



Seldom does a week go by here at Nashville Cream in which we don't see a handful of local outfits pitching new tunes our way. Last week, for instance, we heard fresh tracks from William Tyler, Andrew Combs, Natural Child and Echo Group, not to mention a fresh vid from Lambchop and all the new local hip-hop included in Sean Maloney's Party & Bullsh*t.

But the tunes don't end there. Some new material came our way over the past few days, and not all of it has yet surfaced in the virtual pages of our modest electronic publication. Thus, I figured why not round up all the stuff we haven't yet shared with you and include it in this new feature I've just now decided to call The Week in Fresh Tracks (originality points!). Follow me after the jump to hear new-to-you tunes from local artists including Turbo Fruits, Ayebawl, Coupler, Cortney Tidwell and Honey Locust. If your band has a new tune you'd like to share with us, hit us up, as always, via cream[at]nashvillescene[dot]com.

Turbo Fruits, "Sweet Thang":

Turbo Fruits' summery new 7-inch single, "Sweet Thang" b/w "10 Years (Demo)," has been available for just over a month now via the Fruits' own Turbo Time Records. While the lollipop design of the 7-inch sold out, black-vinyl copies have recently been made available, and the above preview was recently added to YouTube. Give it a spin. She's a breezy one.

Ayebawl, "Tokyo Blade" and "Memory Loss":

Back in November, I told you about the self-titled debut EP from local speed-punk outfit Ayebawl. As it turns out, the Ayebawl dudes "are still working on a full length and hope to have the remaining three songs mixed soon." They added the new tracks "Tokyo Blade" and "Memory Loss" to their Bandcamp page. Hear them above or download them for free.

Coupler, America in the Coming Age of Electronics:

Coupler is the project from local sideman Ryan Norris (Cortney Tidwell, KORT, Lambchop, The Privates, Forrest Bride), and on Record Store Day, he'll release the America in the Coming Age of Electronics EP. You can already hear all seven of America's moody instrumental soundscapes above or via Made in Canada's Soundcloud page. And speaking of Made in Canada ...

Cortney Tidwell, "Chemical Mind" and "Sutures":

Made in Canada will also release Cortney Tidwell's new "Chemical Mind" b/w "Sutures" 7-inch on Record Store Day. On a personal note, I find Tidwell's smart, dark, bewitching post-rock to be consistently top-notch — as in, absolutely top-tier as far as Nashville-grown rock music. Hear both "Chemical Mind" and "Sutures" above or via Made in Canada's Soundcloud page. Phenomenal stuff.

Honey Locust, "Fear Is a Feeling":

Honey Locust, "Fear Is a Feeling" [MP3]

Local folksters Honey Locust will release their Fear Is a Feeling EP on May 8, and you can already stream or download the titular track above or via HL's Bandcamp page. You know who they remind me of? A folk version of defunct indie-pop locals De Novo Dahl — the coed vocals, the ambitious arrangements, the Southern sentimentality and knack for melody.

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