War Memorial Auditorium's The Attic Sessions Episode 11, Feat. Darrell Scott; The Kingston Springs Do It Live in California [Fresh Vids]



* The Attic Sessions are back with their 11th installment, and this one features longtime Nashvillian, noted songwriter and versatile multi-instrumentalist Darrell Scott. Over the years, Scott has collaborated with Steve Earle, Robert Plant's Band of Joy, Emmylou Harris, Guy Clark and countless more. In this session (above), he imparts loads of gems about the tools of songcraft, and he even plays a couple of numbers. As TPAC rep Tom Melchior pointed out in an email, this one goes long because Scott is "so damn wise." Heard that.

* Self-described "indie-rocky, top-heavy blues" outfit The Kingston Springs have been road-dogging it heavily lately. Last I saw them was down at SXSW, but their tour took them much further — all the way out to the golden gates and groovin' good times of the West Coast. As you'll see after the jump, TKS played at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco, and their performance of the tempo-shifting blues-pop freak-out "Sweet Susie" is also accompanied by footage from L.A., Venice, Santa Monica and more. I'm going to take it on faith that they retrieved that broken skateboard in San Fransisco. Because nobody likes a litterbug.

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