Pre-Order Andrew Combs' 'Big Bad Love' 7-Inch, Hear 'Big Bad Love' and 'Take It From Me' Now [Fresh Tracks]



You know, I've always thought the songs of local trad- and outlaw country-influenced crooner Andrew Combs sounded just a touch like male versions of songstress Caitlin Rose's tracks. Both artists regularly employ the talents of local performers Jeremy Fetzer and Spencer Cullum Jr., and hey, they even both have inanimate objects for last names. Wait ... are roses inanimate? They grow, so I guess perhaps they aren't. Wow, I'm off to a terrible start here. Let me avoid further non-pertinent ramblings and just jump into the facts:

On May 8, Combs will release a 7-inch single via Coin Records, and it will feature the tunes "Big Bad Love" and "Take It From Me." You can pre-order the single right now via Combs' Bandcamp page — it will ship "on or around" May 8 — and you can stream both tracks below. "Take It From Me" is a laid-back thinker of a ballad, and its arrangement — from its chord progression to the walk-downs and the respective narrators' drawling devotion — greatly reminds me of Dylan's "The Man in Me." The single's titular cut, on the other hand, has more of a Texas barroom swagger-and-stomp kind of vibe to it. Makes sense, as Combs has "Texan roots," as they say. Anyway, have a listen below, and if you want to see Combs doing his thing in person, catch him at The Basement on May 11.

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