JEFF the Brotherhood Re-Enacts Budweiser's 'Wassup?' Ad for Pitchfork ... That Is All


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You know you've made it when the biggest outlet in the music blogosphere wants you to re-enact an obnoxious advertising campaign that has been dead for a decade. Right? Isn't that how you know you've made it? Didn't Nirvana catch their big break by doing a rendition of "Where's the Beef"? Or something? has a series by the name of "60 Seconds Left," and each installment features bands like Fucked Up, Blonde Redhead, Dum Dum Girls and Cults doing stuff for 60 seconds. Local psych-punk duo JEFF the Brotherhood did one in which they attempt to resurrect this catchphrase. Ironically? Unironically? I'd tell you, but there appears to be no further information on the matter. And since, after 10 long years, you thought that shit was finally dead and buried, watch the original ad after the jump.


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