Evan P. Donohue, 'Wish I Was 19' and 'Jazzputin' [Fresh Tracks]


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A couple of weeks ago, I was at The 5 Spot watching a solo set from local rock 'n' roller Evan P. Donohue when a pal leaned over to me and said, "Man, he's got the good shit." And I knew precisely what he meant. As we've indicated before — by inviting him in for our Conference Call series and by putting him on the bill for the Cream's fifth anniversary show at Third Man Records — we dig Donohue here. I've personally compared him to Elvis Costello on more than one occasion, probably more for his power-pop charm and rock 'n' roll gusto than anything else. But Donohue has more in common with Declan MacManus than his charmingly brainy delivery. He can also write a damn fine song.

And lucky us, a two-part preview taste of Donohue's forthcoming album just hit the webs. EPD has posted his latest single, "Wish I Was 19," and the B-side is "Jazzputin," a duet with frequent Donohue collaborator Natalie Prass. The latter has a mellow and mildly sinister little rock 'n' roll progression that is nicely augmented by Prass' sweet and sly vocals, while "19" is a more straight-up dose of rollicking power-pop. It's like my buddy said: This kid's got the good shit. Give "Jazzputin" and "Wish I Was 19" a listen below, or download them for no dollars via Evan P. Donohue's Bandcamp page. And if you'd like to hear the good shit in the flesh, Mr. D. will be performing at Exit/In tonight with The Weeks, What Up English? and Orbit Funeral.


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