Cheap Time's Wallpaper Music Promo Film [Fresh Vid]



"Cheap Time has a new album, it's called Wallpaper Music."

... And those aren't the only words rolling off the pedantic tongue of the in-tuning, out-dropping, faux-'60s, earth-tone-donning Indian-sitter in the uber-fresh promo clip above. Directed by local filmmaker and Scene contributor James Cathcart, a lot happens in this short short's tense two-and-a-half minutes. Words are spoken (some big ones, too), golden frames go out of focus and snapshots of domestic strife are tragically captured — set to the sounds of a psychedelic snippet presumably lifted from the part-time Nashville, part-time Memphis and all-time Tennessee garage-rock time cheapeners' forthcoming, long-awaited third LP.

Wallpaper Music hits shelves May 1 via In the Red. Pre-order your copy here, dorks.

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