Young Hines, 'Can't Explode' [Fresh Track]



As we told you back in January, locally based rock 'n' roller Brendan Benson has a label by the name of Readymade, and on April 10, Readymade will release Young Hines' Benson-produced LP Give Me My Change. On Thursday, April 5, The Basement will host a Readymade Records night, which will begin at 7 p.m. and feature performances from Hines and The Howling Brothers, plus a listening party for Benson's forthcoming What Kind of World. We'll have a Critic's Pick on that in our forthcoming dead-tree edition.

But for now, we at the Cream have been granted a little preview of Give Me My Change, so we thought we'd go ahead and share that. Hines' people were kind enough to send along the track "Can't Explode," and you can hear it below. It's a loud-quiet-loud dose of savage, belligerent, mean-riffing, bluesy rock 'n' roll. Plus, it features the lyric "You'll only find shit with your head up your ass," which is a sentiment that I personally don't think is expressed often enough. Here, give it a listen:

Young Hines, "Can't Explode" [MP3]

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