Party & Bullsh*t: This Week in Nashville Hip-Hop [Fresh Music Festival, The Perfect Hours, Kaby, Eazy-RA]


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So did you folks look at the Bonnaroo lineup and say, "Needs more New Jack Swing"? Same here. But we're in luck! Fresh Music Festival is happening at Municipal Auditorium on June 17, roughly the day you should revive from your post-Coffee County coma — because I assume that everybody who loves SWV also loves hanging out in a dusty field for four days. No? Just me? Weird. Anyway, SWV is playing with Keith Sweat, Guy, K-Ci and motherfuckin' JoJo. I mean, have you listened to that new SWV song? It's awesome, go listen to it and come back. ... It's awesome, right? "Co-Sign" is right. But anyway, SWV isn't playing Manchester — you gotta go dowwwwn-towwwn! Ba-dump-cha!

All right, let's chill with the rest of this week's Party & Bullshit ...

* And now for something completely different! The Perfect Hours are back with their sophomore album Orphan Planet, and it is smokin'! They've honed their funky future-jazz instrumentals, taken the already cosmic grooves of their first record and blasted them toward the outer edges of the universe and back again. Featuring members of The Coolin' System, Call It Anything and The Magic in Threes, Orphan Planet is a globe-spanning, genre-hopping adventure, like a buddy film starring Dilla and Giorgio Moroder crashing Deodato's house party. If you're looking for some deep, deep jams for your cookout this weekend, I'd say stock up on these. And I say this as a dude who just posted an SWV video.

* Kaby mentions maybe shooting people that wear Affliction shirts. That's a policy I might be able to get behind. If we can add "ironic bedazzling" to that statute, I'd definitely vote for it.

* This track is bad on SO MANY levels. And I love all of them. This might have the worst ending to a rap track in the history of the genre, and I can't stop listening to it. Also, the slideshow is probably NSFW.

* Fuck, it's a slow news week. Here's Doo Doo Brown. And some Poison Clan. Have a great weekend.

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