Black Cab Sessions' Nashville Episode Finally Airs, But We Can't Watch It in the US ... or Can We?



Once upon a time — way back in December 2010 — we told you about how the UK's famed Black Cab Sessions would be rolling into town to film an episode featuring performances from Jack White and Wanda Jackson, Those Darlins, The Ettes, Tristen, PUJOL, KORT and more. Well, the episode finally aired in the UK, and while it's currently streaming at this link, you have to be in Great Britain to watch it.

Or do you?

First of all, someone grabbed the portion of the episode featuring Jack White and Wanda Jackson and uploaded it to YouTube, so you can watch that above. Also, there's a site called Stealthy that enables you to "hide your IP address for privacy online" and "access all content privately without censorship; bypass firewalls." I'm not saying that you should download that extension and then watch the full episode via this link. And I'm not saying that I did that. But if I had done that, this would probably be my synopsis of the episode, with screen grabs:


The episode leads off with Kurt Wagner and Cortney Tidwell of KORT performing a rendition of Townes Van Zandt's "None but the Rain," followed by Wagner playing "Cowboy on the Moon" and chatting about the two sides of Nashville's music industry: "They [country music] do their thing, and we do ours."

Then Loney John Hutchins (Cleft Music) and Jason Moon Wilkins (SoundLand, Next Big Nashville) talk some more about commercial country music and the "Music Row Machine." Another performance, this time from Heypenny, who plays "Cop Car" and gives the BCS folks a tour of Robert's on Broadway.


After a flattering intro from Wilkins regarding their DIY ethos, Those Darlins play "Night Jogger," and recently departed member Kelley Anderson talks a bit about the slow growth of rock 'n' roll in Music City, and the stars who've come here. Cue Jack and Wanda, whose segment you can watch above. Kurt Wagner calls White's integration into Nashville "fuckin' awesome."


At White's recommendation, the Black Cab then picks up "Third Man recording artist" Daniel Pujol of PUJOL, who plays "Reverse Vampire" and then takes the Cab folks on a tour of the former punk-show bastion MEEMAW House, which is now inhabited by some strangers. Pujol plays "Endless Mike" in the basement. Then it's a chat with Grimey's/The Basement proprietor and "local hero" Mike Grimes, who looks the coolest he's ever looked:


More talk of commercial country vs. the indie scene, Doyle Davis shouting "Beer:30!" and calling Tristen "incredible" and prognosticating that she'll be a "big star." Tristen plays "Eager for Your Love" and takes the crew to Dino's, talks some more about the nature of a Music City "education." Then some of "Heart and Hope To Die" and more talking with Tristen's sidepersons, Jordan Caress and Buddy Hughen.


Then it's the rest of Jack and Wanda's segment, and the credits. Wait ... where were The Ettes? In the credits, they're billed as appearing after KORT and before Heypenny, but there was only a shot of them walking down Music Row. What gives? Did I miss something?

Anyway. If the Nashville episode of Black Cab Sessions ever appears anywhere that doesn't require you to download a shifty extension, we'll let you know.

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