Murfreesboro-Based Benefit for Victims of East Nashville Fire, April 1-3



For all of our bickering over perceived Road to Bonnaroo injustices and the mounds of hate we all heap on Kings of Leon, if there's one thing you can always count on in Nashville, it's that when something truly awful goes down, the community launches into benefit show hyperdrive. I'm sad to say that the time has come once again for that local rock barn-raising.

Early Monday morning, several Murfreesboro ex-pats were forced to flee their home in East Nashville (two through windows in the top floor) when a fire broke out. Though everyone escaped the blaze, two people were treated for burns — one hospitalized for treatment of second- and third-degree burns — and many of their possessions were lost. Among the victims was Tour de Fun founder and sole member of the band Meth Dad, Tyler Walker, along with others who operated the now-defunct 'Boro house-show venue Trash Mountain.

Since the fire, a single benefit show has ballooned into a three-night affair, featuring bands like Cherub, Hanzelle, Mom & Dad, Fine Peduncle and more. Each show has a $5 cover, though I'm sure they'd happily accept more, and all money collected goes straight to the victims. You can find full details for each night after the jump.

Monday at Three Brothers Deli & Brew House:

9 p.m. Guide
10 p.m. Hanzelle
11 p.m. Thank You Ma'ams
12 a.m. Cherub

Tuesday at Three Brothers Deli & Brew House:

9 p.m. Christlove
10 p.m. Mom and Dad
11 p.m. Bad Back
12 a.m. Deep Machine

Wednesday at Wolfcastle (times TBA):

Uncle Skunkle
Persona La Ave
Fine Peduncle
Dark Sister
Creature Comfort

Give generously! Incidentally, I talked with Walker on Sunday afternoon for an article I'm writing about Tour de Fun and can attest to the fact that he's a solid dude who wants nothing more than to uplift the scene, both in Murfreesboro and in Nashville.

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