Bonnaroo 2012 Announces Comedy Lineup [Aziz Ansari (duh), Steven Wright, Marc Maron, Reggie Watts and More]



Here’s a joke: What do Ginger Baker and coffee have in common? (Pause.) They both suck without cream. (Buh-dum cha!) Here’s another joke: What kind of socks does a pirate wear? (Another pause.) Arrrrrrrgyle. And another: What's a pirate's laugh sound like? Harrr Harrr.

… I’ll spare you the rest of my repertoire and take a minute to tell you that, if you’re a Bonnaroo-bound chuckler who likes jokes and wants to hear some that are better than the ones up top, your heart will smile at the announcement of this year’s Bonnaroo comedy lineup, which a press release lists as follows:

Aziz Ansari
Steven Wright
Marc Maron
Brian Posehn
Judah Freidlander
Reggie Watts
Rhys Darby
Colin Hay
Garfunkle & Oats
Amy Schumer
Pete Holmes
Rory Scovel
Mike O'Connell
Ali Wong
Kyle Kinane

As always, a top-notch, zany host of mostly A-list merry-andrews to lighten the mood in Manchester this year. Although I had kind of anticipated that the Skrillex appearance would take place in the Comedy Tent.

Isn’t Aziz Ansari already basically The Bonnaroo Festival Jester and Duke of Bonnaroo Tweets even when he isn’t on the official bill? For real, Ansari’s presence at Bonnaroo is at this point more predictable than Trey Anastasio’s or Beatle Bob’s. It’s like going to a show at The Ryman and getting a guest appearance from Vince Gill — totes par for the course. Just an observation, not a complaint. Also, Colin Hay fancies himself a funnyman? I suppose he does do a spot-on Sting impression. And I totally predict that Brian Posehn will station himself at side stage for Danzig and Alice Cooper.

Anywhoo, If this announcement is that last incentive that you needed to get with the program and purchase ‘Roo tickets, hit up the festival’s official site to get your act together.

Not to have unreasonable expectations, but I challenge each of these funny people to come up with an act that’s funnier than what happens in the video below (posted once again for posterity).

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