Tenacious D to Double-Team The Ryman June 23



After more than a decade-and-a-half, is Tenacious D’s Smothers Brothers-meets-Blues Brothers-doing-Dio-and-AC/DC shtick still funny? As long as “Eye of the Tiger” continues on as a classic, I suppose so.

Touring in support of their forthcoming third LP Rize of the Fenix — which drops May 15 — the comedy-rock duo and self-proclaimed Greatest Band on Earth is bound for The Ryman on June 23, meaning JB and KG will finally get to rock (or "gently fuck," if you will) the same musical Mother Church as Ted Nugent and Foreigner.

I actually saw my fair share of D shows back in the day, and I think the duo’s mock-rock routine worked better as two-man acoustic show — as opposed to the full-band, faux-arena-rock extravaganza it is today. There is, however, one rather amusing aspect of seeing The D these days: bearing witness to hippie burnouts and frat boys who take the band’s unserious, tuneful spoofs seriously. It’s an odd phenomenon. While watching the band at Bonnaroo a few years back, I distinctly remember seeing a dread-headed, poncho-clad, Oakley-sporting Jorge Garcia dead ringer raise a pinched joint roach to his lips with one hand and a rock-horned hand gesture of empowerment to heavens with his other while singing along to “Kielbasa” with the earnest defiance of a downtrodden Neil Young die-hard rocking out to “Hey Hey, My My” at a Crazy Horse show.

Anyway, tickets are $29.50-$49.50 and they go on sale Friday, March 30, at 10 a.m. here. Detroit rockers The Sights open.

Speaking of sights, have you ever wanted to see Val Kilmer get killed? Then check out the six-minute Tenacious D mockumentary embedded below for that and more.

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