The Observer Profiles East Nashville's Garage-Rock Scene and the 'Nashville Garage Sound'



In the five-and-a-half years since the Cream's inception, we've seen some national and international publications gush over the rock scene in these parts — from Nylon thinking we're swell and The Atlantic being statistically impressed by us to Rolling Stone thinking we're "the best" to GQ digging the alleged stylishness of our Monday night dance parties. Sure, we squirm a bit when phrases like "Not just country!" spring up in lead paragraphs and headlines again and again. And again. But what about "the Nashville garage sound"? Is that something we could get used to?

In yesterday's Observer — that's the Sundays-only sister publication of the UK's The Guardianwriter Michael Hann profiled Nashville's garage-rock scene. Specifically, the piece continually references East Nashville, though non-East Side establishments like The Zombie Shop pop up, too. Hann spoke with several Scene/Cream faves and entrenched local rock 'n' rollers, among them Daniel Pujol of PUJOL and the Cream's own EGGS series, Jamin Orrall of JEFF the Brotherhood, Jeremy Ferguson of Battle Tapes Recording, Ben Todd of D. Watusi and Nashville's Dead, Ben Swank of Third Man Records and Ryan Jennings of The Paperhead. There's talk of still-vital punk units (Natural Child, Diarrhea Planet and Heavy Cream) as well as the now-defunct kiddie-punk outfits that preceded them (MEEMAW and Be Your Own Pet), not to mention the label that most of them call(ed) home, Infinity Cat.

What's more, there's talk of Nashville's "garage sound," "the garage-psychedelic-punk lineage" many of these local outfits have fallen in line with, and whether or not Music City's underground will be "artificially inflated in the way Detroit was a decade ago" — Spoiler Alert: Hann has a hard time seeing it "lasting for ever." Regardless, it's a whole lot of across-pond ink-spillage in reference to some rock 'n' rollers who run around in our back yard, so give it a read. As it happens, the picture that ran with the story (the one you can see over there on the left) was shot at Battle Tapes by Third Man in-house shutterbug Jo McCaughey and features members of Quichenight, Turbo Fruits, PUJOL, Bad Cop, Ranch Ghost, By Lightning! and more.

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