See Live Performances From Sara Jean Kelley, Madi Diaz and Matt Moody [Fresh Vids]



* Nashville's own Carl's Country Club is bringing us another installment in their Front Porch series, and this one features cool-crooning country songstress Sara Jean Kelley. Watch the video above to see Kelley performing her "I've Got a Man" (not to be confused with Positive K's excellent "I Got a Man"), as she's accompanied by in-demand steel/dobro Brit-about-town Spencer Cullum Jr. (Jonny Corndawg, Caitlin Rose, Steelism) as well as guitar-man-for-hire Jeremy Bullock (Pico vs. Island Trees, Wild Cub).

* There's a site by the name of that has a series called BTR Live Studio, and pop-peddling Music City denizen Madi Diaz recently filmed a session with them. See Madi, her collaborator Kyle Ryan and their backing band performing "Love You Now" at the afore-linked ... link. I'd have embedded the video after the jump, but it's a behemoth and was making our blog layout all wonky.

* So, local psychedelic rock wizard Matt Moody seemingly never quits writing, recording and putting out new music. It's hard to keep up, in fact. And while most of these videos have been up somewhere in the neighborhood of a month, his Vimeo page now has about 50 videos, most of them acoustic performances of his tunes. A treasure trove for Moody fans (Moodites?). See Moody doing "Name Your Heart" after the jump — since, you know, that one was an international hit and all.

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