Hey Party People! Y2K is Moving, Kidsmeal and Sam Are Podcasting, Future Unlimited F'ing Rules [Party Bits]


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* Hey, look: I went to SXSW and I'm still able to form sentences! Barely, but it counts. Since I went down sans pass and without any sort of plan, I basically left it up to the people I was with to find me the hot shit. Also, I had to kind of count on running into people with good taste. Fortunately, on my first night down I ran into none other than Jeremy "DJ Coach" Todd, which is basically a formula for a hella-fun night on the town — and I'm sure anybody who's attended one of his nights here in town could tell you that. Anyway, somewhere in my beer-soaked notes from that night there's an almost illegible scribble that says "tell everyone that Y2K is moving," so that's what I'm going to do. Y2K, which has spent the last three years holding it down at 12th & Porter, is moving over to The High Watt on Cannery Row. The first installment is this Saturday and features Coach, Hands off Sam, Kidsmeal and the debut of the Dave Paulson-Drew Mischke DJ collab, Handi-Snacks. I can only assume that Handi-Snacks will be kinda orange and fit in your lunch box.

* In other Kidsmeal news, he and his brother Sam Shacklock just dropped a podcast of all-original tunes for Two Fresh's Labcoat blog. As you know, we're always fans of the Shack Attack 'round these parts, but the boys have really outdone themselves this time. Crammed full of strong melodies and heavy grooves, the podcast is an even mix of solo productions from Kid and Sam, mixed in with a collabs and a Sam & Tre remix. This podcast is 40 minutes of funky, funky electronic music with some exceptional turntablism from our man Kidsmeal.

* And since we're talking about this week's Y2K lineup and those folks' latest projects, have you heard Hands off Sam's new band, Future Unlimited? Probably not, because they didn't play a show until they got to Austin. Hell, I didn't even know they had a band until I was on the way to the show — but it was awesome just the same. It's Sam and David Miller with Matt from Mother Father on bass and some other dude I recognize but didn't take note of, and they sound like the sweet spot where New Wave and proto-house collide. Think 12-inch remixes of Spandau Ballet deep cuts or a less tribal Blancmange and you've got a pretty good idea of what they sound like. You can grab their debut EP over on Soundcloud. They also win extra points for inspiring a bunch of Army dudes to grind up on Mas Tacos Theresa, which she handled with undue grace and politeness. it was probably the funniest thing I saw all weekend.


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