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News to me! Of course, I don't watch as much TV as some folks. More accurately, I watch tons of TV, but I skip or circumvent (one way or another) the commercials most times. Regardless, in making an ad that would "deliver the energy, youthfulness, and passion that drives both athletes and the brand to perform their best," the folks at Asics came across The Features' "Temporary Blues" from their 2008 release, Some Kind of Salvation. Had everyone but me already seen this? Anyway, no worries, enviro-nuts: Say the Asics people, "Through the magic of computer generated graphics, we were able to film the balloons on the ground and then digitally´╗┐ create the 'shoe balloon' which floats away into the sky. At no point were any balloons ever released into the air." Rest easy.

By the way, The Features played the Serpents and Snakes showcase at SXSW on Saturday, and I'll hopefully have some words on that for you before too long. I have to extract those memories from the smouldering post-SXSW crater that used to be my brain. Props to contributor William Hooker for hipping me to this spot. See also: The Features' recent placements in car commercials and film trailers and film trailers and film trailers and OSTs.


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