JEFF the Brotherhood to Open West Coast Best Coast Tour, Release Record Store Day EP and Appear on PlayStation’s MLB 12 The Show Soundtrack; Make MTV Canada



Coming soon to a theater near (some of) you.
  • Coming soon to a theater near (some of) you.
So, Rick Santorum took The Volunteer State in Tuesday’s super-predictable Tennessee Republican primary. Isn’t that embarrassing? Sure it is. But what does that have to do with JEFF the Brotherhood? Well, it’s in tough times like these that us progressive, rockin’ Tennesseans need to cling to our state’s finest flagship exports and ambassadors. No, not guns and bibles — I’m talkin’ bands. And no band is doing these parts prouder than Nashville’s favorite fraternal punk duo JEFF the Brotherhood, whose ever-growing national and international profile grows ever more prolific with a handful of notable news items of late.

The first item being that the brothers Orrall will tour the territories of the dusty West come May, bringing their weed-friendly bone jams to big theaters in big, rectangular states in support of every weed-tokin’, surfy-indie-pop-lovin’ cat person’s favorite lo-fi laureate Bethany Cosentino and her band Best Coast. You may recall that both bands appeared on a split 7-inch together early last year. The jaunt (dates below) kicks off May 18 at LA’s famed Wiltern Theatre. Of course, locals can catch the band this weekend when they headline Friday night’s Freakin’ Weekend III show at Exit/In.

Perhaps The J-Bros will bust out something specific for the hometown crowd — like bringing buds William Tyler, Lonnie Hutchins and Joey Plunket on stage to join them on an 11-minute cover of Hawkwind’s “Master of the Universe.” Indeed, that five-man Brotherhood incarnation cut such a cover (along with two other extended, heady tracks, “I'm a Freak” and “In Space No One Can Hear You Scream, Part I & II”) in a single, direct-to-quarter-inch session at United Record Pressing for Volume III of the plant’s Upstairs at United series. That hot wax drops on April 21, Record Store Day 2012.

On the opposite end of the multimedia spectrum, JtB has landed a cut on the soundtrack to Sony PlayStation’s MLB 12 The Show, which hit stores Wednesday. The Heavy Days chestnut “U Got the Look” has achieved bona fide jock-jam status, appearing on the OST alongside The Black Keys’ “Gold on the Ceiling” and tracks by Atmosphere, The Mars Volta, The Futureheads, The Sheepdogs, Justice and others.

And lastly, check out MTV Canada’s recent Sonic Boom segment on album artwork (below) in which Rob and Justin (VJs? Record store clerks?) give a nod to The Brotherhood’s We Are the Champions, singing the album's praises for its simplicity in the art department.

JEFF the Brotherhood dates:

5/18 — Wiltern Theatre — Los Angeles, CA*
5/19 — Fox Theater — Oakland, CA*
5/21 — Alladin Theater — Portland, OR*
5/22 — Neptune — Seattle, WA*
5/23 — Neurolux — Boise, ID
5/24 — Kilby Court Gallery — Salt Lake City, UT
5/25 — Belly Up — Aspen, CO*
5/26 — Fox Theatre — Boulder, CO*
5/27 — Granada Theatre — Lawrence, KS*
5/29 — Slowdown — Omaha, NE*
5/30 — The Firebird — St. Louis, MO*
6/1 — Granada Theatre — Dallas, TX*
6/2 — Free Press Summer Fest — Houston, TX
7/13 — Forecastle Festival — Louisville, KY

* - Opening for Best Coast

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