PUJOL Debuts 'DIY2K' Via Spin [Fresh Track]



Your boy Daniel Pujol — 50 percent of the force behind the Cream's own EGGS series and the captain of the punk-rock ship that is PUJOL — is giving America a taste of his forthcoming record, and he's doing it via Spin. PUJOL's next full-length, United States of Being, will be released by Saddle Creek Records on June 5, and Spin is hosting a free download of USoB's lead-off single, "DIY2K," at this very moment.

In typical PUJOLian fashion, there's a sort of ambivalence to this tune: It mixes thoughtful cynicism with hopeful, youthful fervor. "Tell me 'bout that five-year plan," demands the Pooj in that familiar snarl of his, "the one where I wake up a man." I know we've all been there, Mr. Pujol. "Enchanted but feeling stuck." And I'm not the only one to notice the aforementioned ambivalence — here's a little bit of what Spin's David Marchese had to say about "DIY2K":

On "DIY2K," the nicely peevish first single from Pujol's adrenalized full-length debut, United States of Being, band mastermind Daniel Pujol howls, "America, you know better / I know we can get it together." It's a hopeful sentiment sung with an ambivalent sneer, and equally apt for slam-dancing by glass half-full or half-empty types.

Stream or download "DIY2K" — great title, no? — via Spin or right here. It's a catchy one, it is.

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