Jeffrey Lewis w/Wooden Wand and Luke Roberts Tonight at Foobar; Sparkle City DJs, Too



Hey, remember anti-folk? I do. I mean, back in college, I liked Kimya Dawson as much as the next guy, so long as the next guy wasn't this twee-ass pal of mine who lived in the dorm room next-door. And he frequently was the next guy, wearing a corduroy cabbie hat and a Tullycraft T-shirt. While I never delved into the stream-of-consciousness rants and alt-folk picking of Jeffrey Lewis — who's also a comic book writer, surprise — I'm certain the aforementioned pal of mine did, because he frequently listened to the sort of 80-syllables-per-measure, jam-packed-with-sensitive-thoughtfulness, self-effacing, lo-fi folk music that I completely respected (intellectually) but could just never seem to stand (musically). I'm not sure how much my opinion on anti-folk has shifted since then, actually, but contributor Jewly Hight wrote a pick on Lewis' show with Wooden Wand and Luke Roberts tonight at Foobar. I say we turn the reins over to her:

We saw it happen just last year: LMFAO parlayed self-deprecating humor set to a club-y four-on-the-floor beat into a bona fide mainstream hit. Anti-folk singer-songwriter and comic book artist Jeffrey Lewis has been at the self-skewering game a lot longer than them, and with far more verboseness and sophistication. But it’s clear that he — unlike the Gordys — is prepared to keep on laboring in semi-obscurity for the long haul. His songs — musically minimal works that revolve around detailed lyrics and receive willfully shaky, artfully deadpan deliveries — magnify the fractures in the ego of the DIY performer, and that approach is just too close-up and neurotic for the masses. Take “Cult Boyfriend,” a four-chord folk-rock shout-along from last year’s A Turn in the Dream-Songs. In it, Lewis does a phenomenal job of articulating what it’s like to earn obsessive affection from a precious few: “If I’m really all that awesome, wouldn’t more people think so?” That’s the indie question of the ages. —JEWLY HIGHT

Doors at 9 p.m., show at 10 in Foobar 2. And there's a Facebook event page. I should also mention — in case it's the sort of thing that rings your bell — that Sparkle City DJs will be turning out jams in the non-Foobar 2 part of Foobar (Foobar 1?). Sparkle City, in case you don't know, is the vinyl-spinning party-time outfit featuring Jonas Stein (Turbo Fruits), Seth Sutton (Useless Eaters, Heavy Cream, Feral Beat) and David Bermudez (local dude).There's a Facebook page for that, too.

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