By Lightning!'s 'Weather,' Those Darlins' 'Mystic Mind,' Rayland Baxter's Attic Session [Fresh Vids]


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* On the heels of their album release last Saturday at The Basement, By Lightning! has a brand-new music video for their tune "Weather." The video was directed by Amelia Garretson-Persans and features vivid stop-motion animation that is both whimsical and wistful. It was no doubt rather painstaking to construct, and it suits the expansive, mid-tempo arrangement of the tune rather nicely, don't you think?

* If you saw Birdcloud's video for "Cool Christmas," then you might be familiar with the name of director Meredith Kotas. Homegirl's at it again, this time with an "unofficial" video for Those Darlins' tune "Mystic Mind." It's got a pasta pig-out and weed-fueled dreams (aka, a common Wednesday night at DPR's house?), and, say, is that Zooey Deschanel? No, it's local gal Becky Delius. See it after the jump.

* We've mentioned War Memorial Auditorium's Attic Sessions a time or three. The series is back with Episode 7, in which local singer-songwriter Rayland Baxter talks about writing songs, living on the cheap, Nashville and more. Oh, and he plays some tunes, as well. Good installment. See that one after the jump, too.


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