AJ and the Jiggawatts Tonight at The Basement



Y'all are familiar with the mighty tight Murfeesboro funk factory G.E.D. Soul Records, right? So you're hip to the fact that they've added yet another stellar permutation of the heavy, heavy monster funk to the roster, right? No? Well, let me introduce you! Hit it, dead-tree maestro:

Jigga what? Jigga who? Jiggawatts, duh, as in “AJ and the … ,” the latest group out of the unflappable G.E.D. Soul Records stable. Featuring members of Sky-Hi, Deep Fried 5 and The Coolin’ System, and fronted by local soul-cialite A.J. Eason, the Jiggawatts are celebrating the release of their debut 45 RPM single “Don't Mess With Me” b/w “Pimp Decisions.” As with every G.E.D. Soul release, it's an expertly crafted slice of retro-funk, heavy on the grooves and deep, deep in the pocket. If you asked us if G.E.D. Soul has a formula, we'd respond with “Yeah, it's something like awesome plus rad times badass to the 12th power.” The ’Watts are joined by Knoxville's Soulfinger, who not only named themselves after our favorite Bar-Kays tune — enough to win our hearts on its own — but also make tight-as-hell horn-driven funk. —SEAN L. MALONEY

So there you have it, the latest and the greatest. If you want to check out the 45 before you buy it — and I know you're gonna buy it — you peep that here. And in case you didn't hear, The G.E.D. All Stars are going to be at The Groove on Saturday celebrating Dre Day and performing instrumental selections from The Chronic and Doggy Style. The gin and juice starts poppin' at 6.

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