Grascals File Suit Against Head of Music Row PR Firm



Over at our sister paper, The City Paper, reporter Pierce Greenberg just filed a piece about The Grascals' recent counter-suit against Kirt Webster of Webster & Associates PR. You see, Webster initially claimed that The Grascals broke a verbal contract, and now the band is suing back, saying that the publicist "booked unprofitable shows and used unethical tactics, which the band states may have included withholding money meant for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital." Some pretty serious claims. Here's an excerpt:

According to The Grascals, they entered into an “at-will” management agreement with Webster in 2009 that ultimately didn't benefit the band.

“Mr. Webster has operated as their personal manager in such a way as to maximize his personal financial benefit without regard to whether his actions benefited them, and even when he knew his actions would result in financial loss … for the Grascals,” according to the counterclaim.

The Grascals point to several improprieties based around potential conflicts of interest. In 2010, The Grascals recorded an album exclusively for Cracker Barrel, who is also a client for Webster. Part of their Cracker Barrel agreement was that for every CD purchased, a portion of the sales would be donated to St. Jude's.

Even though the CD was supposed to be available exclusively at Cracker Barrel, the band claims Webster and his agent, Jeremy Westby, bought albums from Cracker Barrel and allowed them to be resold at Grascals concerts.

“However, he failed to produce receipts to show the purchase from Cracker Barrel with regard to a number of albums he provided that The Grascals sold,” the counterclaim stated. “The Grascals are concerned that with regard to these albums, the advertised donation to St. Jude has not been made.”

And that's not all. The allegations regarding potential scummitude go on and on from there. Have a look at Pierce's story over at The City Paper.

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