EGGS: 'Hairy Dolphin'


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Hairy Dolphin,
It is sad but true
That I am only able
To witness your compromised splendor

In your necessary
Moments of weakness
Each and every time
Your rise from the sea in need of air

I am pretty sure
Upon submerging
You’re a total babe
And the talk of downtown Atlantis

And all the fishes
Are green with envy
Over your righteous ‘do
When it’s all lush and wavy, but

As we locked eyes
At the crest of the arc
We genially conceded
Your mane got sort of watered down

But Hairy Dolphin,
There’s so much more

Beneath your blue
It makes me want

To hold a breath
Til I’m blue too

Girl, I got these thumbs
Let me braid your hair.


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