The Devious Angels, 'Odelay' [Fresh Vid]



Jon Decious. That name ring a bell? It should to fans of mid- to late-Aughts Nashville-based pop-punk trios, as Decious was once The Pink Spiders' bass-slinging southpaw. Of course, after the Spiders parted ways the first time, Decious decided to dip fully into the world of country with his Dixie Whiskey. Upon The Pink Spiders' reformation, they replaced Decious with local glam-pop glitter clown Brandon Jazz.

And while Decious still toils in the world of country music, his latest outfit is called The Devious Angels — probably a nod to Gram Parsons' Grievous Angel ... along with Decious' haircut definitely being a nod to Gram Parsons — and also features singer Steevie Steeves. Cream contributor Seth Graves directed the above video for the Angels' "Odelay" (probably not an intentional Beck reference), which was partially shot in onetime experimental-music bastion and current smoky dive Betty's. As you'll hear in the fiddle and steel strains and the lovelorn lyrics, Decious doesn't seem to be approaching the country thing from an ironic angle whatsoever. It's earnest as hell. So there you have it.

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