Matt Moody's 'The Law and Your Man,' Umbrella Tree's 'The Watcher' [Fresh Vids]



* I ran into the prolific Matt Moody at the By Lighting!/Uncle Skeleton/Casa Castile show a few days ago, and he informed me that he'd soon be releasing yet another Amy Hobbs-directed music video (in addition to this one, this one, this one and this one). "What, are you going to do a video for every song on the new record?" I asked incredulously. "Maybe!" was the response. Fair enough. If he keeps making 'em, we'll keep posting 'em. See "The Law and Your Man" above.

* As previously mentioned (twice), local "bohemian bookworm-pop" outfit (as Seth Graves once described them) Umbrella Tree will soon release and album called To the Memory of a Once Great Man. The album will be out April 17, and you can see a video for that record's "The Watcher" after the jump.

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