8 off 8th Feat. Scale Model, Bows and Arrows, King Arthur, Sugar Sk*-*lls and More Tonight at Mercy Lounge



Cats: Still humorous!
  • Cats: Still humorous!
There was certainly an excellent slew of pop, hip-hop and rock 'n' roll shows over the weekend, no? The question is this: Do you still have a little something left in your tank? If so, freelance Scene/Cream shutterbug Steve "#ShutUpSteve" Cross has an option for you. It's tonight's 8 off 8th at Mercy Lounge — it's free, as always — and contributor Lance Conzett penned us a little something on it. Lance, the floor is yours:

There are a lot of unsung heroes in Nashville’s music scene — the screen-printers, the sound guys, the bookers, the promoters, the house-show house owners — but there are few people more unsung than the poor schlubs who decide to book 8 off 8ths. Have you ever tried to get eight bands in the same room without the promise of getting paid? Newsflash: it’s hard as hell. This week’s poor schlub is none other than local photographer (and BFF to science) Steve Cross, who has put together a solid line-up for Mercy Lounge’s weekly series. Aside from Cross’s own band — the ‘80s inspired synth-pop trio Scale Model — the lineup features everything from experimental electronica (Sugar Sk*-*lls) to uptempo ‘Boro power pop (King Arthur) and a slew of bands in between, including Bows & Arrows, Magnolia Sons, Bravo Max, I Believe in Hotpants and Honey Locust. —LANCE CONZETT

Kicks off at 9 p.m. But if you've got roughly $30 to spare, perhaps you'd rather catch Nick Carter downstairs. And if neither a free local rock bill nor a boy-band-member-turned-reality-show-wash-up-turned-solo-artist is your bag, He's My Brother She's My Sister is also playing at The Basement. By my count, that's plenty of options for a Monday night.

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