The Features' Next Record and Star Wars Aspirations



When local champs The Features headlined our anniversary party at Third Man Records back in August, their top-notch Wilderness wasn't even a month old. Even so, frontman Matt Pelham & Co. indicated to me that they already had an entire album's worth of material just about ready to go — they just needed to get that whole pesky Wilderness touring cycle thing out of the way first. And maybe score a little chunk of that vampire-obsessed tween money.

But we all know what a touring cycle means. It means interviews. Interviews like this one, in which Pelham tells Indie Rock Reviews that The Features have "finished another record, so we’re just kind of sitting on it until we’re finished touring and promoting Wilderness, then we’ll release the new one." So there's your official confirmation, not to mention the fact that Pelham refers to himself as a dinosaur and talks about the rock explosion in Nashville, and then the folks at IRR spell Murfreesboro like this: Murphysboro.

The bit that made my heart sing just a little bit, however, comes via The Dallas Observer. After conceding that Kings of Leon are "no longer en vogue" and fending off the nays of "skinny-jeaned naysayers" who may or may not actually exist, blogger Kelly Dearmore asked Features drummer Rollum Haas to conjure up an "all-time top five future Features band/movie tie-ins." After injecting a bit of Features into total classics like The Graduate and Midnight Cowboy (and the nouveau classic Arrested Development), Haas casts Clint Eastwood as himself in the Features made-for-TV musical, and offers this wonderful what-if: "George Lucas remakes Star Wars with The Features cast as the Cantina Band." Seems like a good enough excuse to post the Cantina scene to me!

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