Bonnaroo 2012: More Rumors, Predictions and Educated Guesses



That’s right, it’s time to shoot the breeze about Bonnaroo again. As bloggers and festival enthusiasts await the announcement of this year’s Bonnaroo lineup with baited breath, festival insiders and organizers are hard at work dropping hints via their fictitious, cryptic clue master Gary Chardonnay on Twitter. Below are the seven esoteric Bonnaroo brain-teasers Chardonnay has so far transmitted.

1. Good or evil? Canton-bound. Ascension linked to versions of the Sabbath

2. A name amongst the Titans. What's your favorite flavor?

3. The original simpleton; misspell the mini-liar

4. Trained: a cloth sack state of mind. Savor the queen's delight.

5. Push in the IV; follow the vowels to the coming of age.

6. I am that I am, a performing cadaver. Look to the eye of the storm.

7. Offerings from the garden; "I think you're God."

I’d take a stab or seven at solving those #Roos clues but, truth be told, riddles annoy the piss out of me, and I’ll leave that heavy mental lifting to less lazy thinkers like Inforoo[dot]com Administrator Jason Hojenski (aka The Inforooster). He offers and relates some more easily discernible hints of his own on Twitter.

For example, he quotes a poster with the handle Insider as saying “So there are 2 bands 'headlining' both of who's names begin with an 'R', followed by a vowel, followed by a D."

I’ll take that alphabetastic reference to mean that wide speculation of Radiohead and Red Hot Chili Peppers headlining appearances are more than likely merited.

Hojenski’s Twitter is also a cornucopia of aggregated double-winks, nudges and outright declarations of artists confirming and/or hinting at their Bonnaroo-bound status. Such artists include The War on Drugs, Fitz and the Tantrums and The Civil Wars.

And according to the “Artist Direct Confirmation” thread on Inforoo, other acts you can put your money on seeing in Manchester this June include The Silent Comedy, The Alabama Shakes, tUnE-yArDs, Black Lips, Robert Randolph, Tame Impala, Battles and Das Racist. The thread also has a lengthy list of artists that have denied they’ll make the festival this year, FYI.

While a similar Inforoo thread of “Rumors Quasi Confirmation” doesn’t literally confirm a Quasi appearance, it does list artists such as Kasabian, Mogwai, Givers, The Roots, Umphrey’s McGee, Phish (doing “Some sort of Christmas Party thing”), The Knux and Cage the Elephant.

Want more Bonnaroo? Then click on over to the wormhole of discussion and speculation that is Inforoo.

And if you think there isn’t enough content over there to exhaust your enthusiasm for The ‘Roo, consider ordering yourself a copy of the just-as-of-today-announced, 400-plus-photo-boasting official festival coffee-table book Bonnaroo: What, Which, This, That, The Other (cover art pictured below) over at the festival’s official site.

But before you do, tell me, what do you make of them clues and unofficial confirmations, eh?


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