Madi Diaz Album Release Tonight at Revolver, Hear 'Gimme a Kiss' [Fresh Track]



Back in September, local pop songstress Madi Diaz released an EP by the name of Far From Things That We Know. And just weeks ago, remix masters Jensen Sportag gave Diaz's "Down We Go" the Sportag treatment, turning that tune into the seriously great "Trust Fall." Well, all that stuff was a gear-up for Diaz's brand-new full-length, Plastic Moon, which she'll celebrate the release of tonight at a place called Revolver (1703 Church St.). I wrote a pick on it. Have a look:

It’s hard to say where the quirky but slick pop of Madi Diaz’s brand-new Plastic Moon will fit in. Possibly too saccharine and accessible for the hipster set, potentially too idiosyncratic and oddball for the mainest of streams, Diaz and her songwriting partner Kyle Ryan write the sort of earwormy indie-pop melodies that you might hear in the background of … oh, say, ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars or a Lifetime program or something. Songs like “To Be Alone” and “Gimme a Kiss” are sweetly jaunty and playful, like the weirdo pop of a Regina Spector or an Imogen Heap, but with just a little taste of straight-ahead, Top 40 sensibility. Perhaps the most impressive tune on Plastic Moon, however, is Diaz’s “Johnny,” a story-song in which the narrator desperately implores her man: “You know I love you, Johnny, don’t be a fool / You know it don’t feel right / Johnny, don’t race tonight.” For all its polish and modern instrumentation, there’s still a timelessness to it — a timelessness that indicates Diaz’s love for the craft of songwriting. —D. PATRICK RODGERS

Also, Diaz premiered Plastic Moon's lead-off track, "Gimme a Kiss," yesterday via Rolling Stone, and you can hear that one below. Diaz will also play a Grimey's in-store today at 6 p.m., and the Revolver show kicks off at 7:30.

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