Live and Reel Presents Deer Tick's 'Miss K.' and 'Main Street' [Fresh Vids]



I'm sure you'll recall Live and Reel's session with Diamond Rugs from about a month ago — it was the debut of Rugs, a supergroup featuring members of Deer Tick, Black Lips, Dead Confederate, Six Finger Satellite and Los Lobos. The only members present in that session were John and Rob of Rhode Island's alt. country-leaning indie-rock outfit Deer Tick, and while they were in the Nashville-based L&R headquarters, they also performed a couple of Deer Tick tunes from 2011's acclaimed Divine Providence.

See John and Rob performing "Miss K." [MP3] above, and check out "Main Street" [MP3] after the jump. And as per usual, Live and Reel has a little Easter egg for you. Enter your email address right here or "like" L&R on Facebook, and you'll get access to another Diamond Rugs tune.

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