Jessie Baylin Debuts Scarlett Johansson-Directed Video for 'Hurry Hurry,' See Vids From Grimey's In-Store [Fresh Vids]


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Given just how impressed I was by Jessie Baylin's brand-new record, Little Spark, I'm sure you won't be too surprised to hear that I attended her release show Sunday night at 3rd & Lindsley — along with roughly one-third of Nashville's population, it seemed. The place was teeming with fans, industry-insider types and at least a King of Leon or two. But the tunes sounded great — "sleepy and melodically transfixing" is how I might describe them, and "creamy" is how my date put it.

Well, Baylin has just premiered her video for "Hurry Hurry" via MTV Hive, and you can watch it above. The video — which was directed by Baylin's longtime friend, fellow Professional Children's School alum and certified mega-babe Scarlett Johansson — features a single shot of Baylin walking back and forth on the Manhattan Bridge with light cascading off of her stramineous mane (good use of the word "stramineous," amIright?). Anyway, MTV uses phrases like "peppery polish" and "necessary arty flourish" in describing the song and video, but we'll skip that bit and instead share with you a couple clips that Cream contributor Lance Conzett shot yesterday at Baylin's Grimey's in-store. Follow me after the jump to watch Baylin performing "Little Spark" and "I Feel That Too."


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