Hammock and Brooke Waggoner Team up on Original; Sean Williams and Sara Beth Geoghegan Team up on Cover [Collab-y Bits]


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  • Photo: Thomas Petillo
Well, while these two little fresh bits of local music aren't directly related in any discernible way, they do appear to have two things in common: They're both coed collaborations, and I'd say they can both generally be described as "gorgeous." Observe:

* We've sung the praises of ambient post-rockers Hammock before — as when we mentioned the recent and ultra-noteworthy Asleep in the Downlights, for instance. Via their Bandcamp page, Hammock is now offering a single called "Parkers Chapel" that features vocals from local songstress Brooke Waggoner and instrumentation from Hammock's Marc Byrd. Byrd notes that the lyrics were related to a deeply personal matter, saying, "When I told her the story behind it she approached the music reverently and something very special appeared." Stream "Parkers Chapel" below, or purchase it for a mere $1.25 at Hammock's Bandcamp.

* Sean Williams of local outfit The Nobility (once upon a time known as Jetpack) recently teamed up with Nashville-residing songstress Sara Beth Geoghegan for a cover of "All I Have to Do Is Dream." "Dream" was of course first made famous by The Everly Brothers, but I think everybody with a set of ears probably prefers Roy Orbison's version, right? Anyway, Williams and Geoghegan perform a minimal but nonetheless stirring rendition, and you can watch that after the jump. Also, I do not know how "Geoghegan" is pronounced, but I've been going with "JEE-oh-guh-he-gaggin'." Am I close?


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