Leslie Keffer Launches Kickstarter to Press 'Finally, Caves! (Joy Dance)' on Vinyl, Hear It Now [Fresh Track]



All right, some full disclosure seems in order for this one. Local experimental/noise/dance musician, blogger and recognized noisemaker Leslie Keffer occasionally contributes for us here on the Cream. You know, ever since her departure from former experimental-music bastion Betty's. And you know why she contributes here? Because I asked her to — because the gal knows experimental music, and we needed someone assigned to that ... um, beat.

So now that we've gotten that out of the way, hear this: Keffer would like to put out 500 copies of her single "Finally, Caves! (Joy Dance)" backed with "Luna Loblolly" on 12-inch vinyl. She'd also like to make a music video for the release, which would be directed by Cream contributor and videographer Seth Graves. LK has thus done what savvy indie artists have lately taken to doing when they need to get a project kick-started: She started a Kickstarter. As always, there are incentives and goodies that you'll get at various tiers of monetary support, not the least intriguing of which are "dreamcatchers and stained-glass candle-holders embellished with quartz crystals" designed by Keffer herself. Deluxe. You can hear "Finally, Caves!" after the jump. I recommend you give it a listen.

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