Party & Bullsh*t: This Week in Nashville Hip-Hop [Kaby, Gummy Soul, Dee Goodz, Bill Breeze, Ofishal, Openmic]



There's no snow days at Party & Bullsh*t! No weather events can stop this train! Mostly because I write this column from a secret bunker deep below the earth's crust, and, well, there isn't really any snow on the ground. But even if there were, I'd still be bringing you the best in local hip-hop, maybe. Shoveling off the The P&B Party Bunker takes forever. Anyway. This week we're kicking it off with "Double Down (The New Ville)," the latest track from Kaby. Hell, you could even say we're doubling down on this local-centric anthem — I'm always up for a "Fuck yeah, our city kicks fucking ass" anthem. You can catch Kaby Jan. 27 at The Attic, which is actually kind of a cool little spot in spite of the fact that it's on Second Ave.

And now it's time to make like tourists and boot, scoot 'n boogie on to the rest of this Party & Bullsh*t...

* I hate this new video from Gummy Soul. Not because of the music — we all know I sweat Gummy Soul like family-values Republicans sweat rest-area hook-ups — but because everyone is wearing shorts and t-shirts, and the P&B Party Bunker is currently being heated by a tire fire and the fumes are making me cranky. I'm over this winter shit in a big way. All two days of it. You can catch Gummy Soul along with Creative Control, The Flamingos and Jix at The End this Monday as a part of the Makin' Moves series. In case you hadn't heard, Makin' Moves is a good time. Oh, and the GS kids have said that when this video hits a thousand views they're going to drop the new Kurtis Stanley record. So go watch this video like six or seven times, I want to have this album in time for the weekend.

* Dee Goodz has a new record dropping on Tuesday — you can catch my full review in next week's dead-tree edition — but between now and then you can keep yourself busy with his new iPhone app. That's right, the dude has his own iPhone app. That's what we in the industry call 21st Century Hustle.

* Bill Breeze dropped some new tracks this week under the #ODDM guise. I'm not gonna front, I'm real into the counter-intuitive idea of naming your hip-hop project "Ordinary Dudes Doing Music." It's kinda charming, kinda humble and definitely the most honest project name I've come across in a hot minute. And as always, Breeze kills it over some dope beats.

* I must have missed this one during my Christmas hiatus, but who gives a shit — it's still dope! While I'm not really a fan of Nolan-era Batman — the whole franchise peaked with "Batdance", just sayin' — I am a fan of what Ofishal, an associate of Starlito, does with the track.

* And another one that I missed during my hiatus! This is what I get for taking time off. Hey, somebody had to cook Christmas dinner. And then sit on the couch watching Netflix for a week straight. Really, it needed to be done.

Gotta fresh new track, dope video or hot show? Hit me up on Twitter or email music[at]nashvillescene[dot]com.

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