D. Striker's RR Party Tonight at The Basement, Watch the Amazing Trailer



Awww shit! It's the first Friday the 13th of what idiots believe is the last year before the end of world, and you know what means, right? Well, if you're a photogenic, hot-to-trot counselor at Camp Crystal Lake, it means certain death. Condolences. But if you're a Nashvillian, it means it's time to celebrate another issue of de facto Country Music Court Jester D. Stiker's RR zine hitting the streets of Music Row. Tonight's RR Bash at The Basement will feature appearances courtesy of Ri¢hie, Birdcloud and Mystery Twins. You can read more about the epic event in the Scene Critic's Pick I penned and block quoted below. Tired of reading? Then opt instead to watch the Doug Lehmann-directed teaser video promoting the party above. It's a cut-by-cut remake of the season 6 Three's Company intro and it's hilarious.

While it has yet to secure itself an ongoing exhibition at The Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum, in the annals of good-natured, Nashville-centric, musically comedic piss-takes, D. Striker's RR is a tradition every bit as great as that of the Williams family. (It may be even greater, as it has no association with either Bocephus or football.) Established in the latter half of the 20th century (1998, to be specific), RR is a satirical zine that — in mostly handwritten black lettering drawn on hand-folded-and-stapled yellow construction paper — publishes a host of countrified comic strips, parody-rife factoids and anecdotal tall-tales depicting “country star adventures” that handily paint more smiles per page on the faces of local readers than fill LP Field when Kenny Chesney does his Jimmy Buffett impression. And it’s all at the expense of Nashville’s biggest and brightest stars … who totally deserve it and should revel in the honor. Each issue comes out every Friday the 13th, and is celebrated with a release party featuring sets from local rockers and the affable author himself, who essentially puts his pages into song. With 2012’s first such spooky calendar date already upon this city of damned musicians, tonight’s bash will include sets by Ri¢hie, Birdcloud and Mystery Twins. —ADAM GOLD

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