CornDawes' Kickstarter, JEFF's Brotherhood of Light, Diarrhea Planet, Those Darlins and The Features [Newsy Bits]



So many newsy bits today! From interviews to Kickstarters to rarities and lists, we've got a few things to fly through here:

* Talk of a collaboration between the nomadic, partially Nashville-rooted Jonny Corndawg and LA's Dawes has been floating around for a hot minute. As the CornDawes album — tentatively titled Dad Country (awesome) — nears completion, Mr. Corndawg has reached out via Kickstarter in order to secure the funds he needs. The boys are in the homestretch. Put 'em over the top.

* Well. If you snoozed on this one, it might just be too late. JEFF the Brotherhood released 100 coke-clear copies of a rarities LP by the name of Brotherhood of Light this morning at 10 a.m. Considering that the Infinity Cat Records site crashed at least once and the purchase link is now bare, I'm guessing that all 100 copies have been spoken for.

* Local punk/ska/indie blog Sinizine recently posted an interview with Nashvillian power-punk outfit Diarrhea Planet. Those wacky Planeteers get a little bit real, talkin' songwriting and growth as artists and so forth. The video's a little jerky, but Sinizine says they'll post a less glitchy version on Jan. 15. For now, here's this:

* What has eight arms, loves chicken and just got voted No. 39 on legendary critic Robert Christgau's best of 2011 list? Those Darlins! Christgau is known of course for helping establish the alt-weekly record-critic voice, remaining music editor at The Village Voice for three decades, and for generally knowing a shit ton about music and culture. Yes, he gave a Das Racist record the No. 1 spot, and no I do not get it.

* Oh, and if you intend to see The Features with The Kingston Springs and Evan P. Donohue this Saturday at Mercy Lounge, you'd better snag your tickets now. I hear they're dwindling.

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