Ranch Ghost w/Mom and Dad, Don Coyote and Bad Back Tonight at The End



Mom and Dad
  • Mom and Dad
Psych rockers Ranch Ghost have already gotten some love from us in this week's cycle, and I pointed out just how great some of Mom and Dad's tunes are as I looked back at the under-sung local releases of 2011. But if you don't mind a mild bit of rehashing, I'd like to tell you that the aforementioned outfits will play tonight at The End, along with fellow locals Don Coyote and Bad Back. Sounds like a strong bill, no? I put together a Critic's Pick that focuses primarily on Mom and Dad. Have a read:

In regard to music, the parameters of the term “pop” have been stretched and tested and toyed with so thoroughly and for so long that it’s hard to know what, if anything, someone means when he or she describes a song or a band or an album as “pop.” But if we put commercial viability out of our minds for a moment — because pop is a sound, after all, and not a number — there’s a handful of attributes that have always accompanied pop music of all stripes: amalgamating various contemporary and bygone styles, a focus on melody and danceable rhythms. While locals Mom and Dad don’t emphasize pristine performances or the high-tech production commonly associated with pop music, 2011’s Cave Art is absolutely pop music. It’s sloppy, fuzzy, lo-fi and couched in aesthetics typically reserved for garage-rock bands — and, technically, Mom and Dad is of course a garage-rock band — but it’s insistent, catchy, upbeat music with undeniable power-pop melodies that could probably be called “happy” if they weren’t so youthfully angst-ridden. Cave Art is pop the same way that … well, cave art was pop. It’s folks expressing themselves viscerally and simply, and with an accessibility that we can all grab onto if we just pay attention. Headlining tonight’s show will be badass up-and-coming local psych rockers Ranch Ghost, and Don Coyote and Bad Back round out the bill. —D. PATRICK RODGERS

Personally, I find Cave Art's "The Talk" to be particularly enjoyable. Hear it below. Cover for tonight's show is $5, and hey look, there's a Facebook event page.

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