Makin' Moves Monday at The End Feat. Ugly Lovely, Mac L, Adoniyah and Prophicy, 1/9/12


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Prophicy and Mac L

Mondays: They're some serious bullshit. Well, they can be, but if Making Moves — the new Monday night hip-hop showcase at The End — keeps up, The Spin just might change our tune. OK, the rest of the day might still be bullshit, but a solid place to catch some fresh talent for free with some $1 Blue Ribbons might just downgrade our judgment to less-than-serious bullshit. If we were TV weather goons — one of the few jobs that takes less talent and accuracy than this one — we'd be like, “Monday is pretty much a torrent of bullshit, but things should be clearing up around 9 p.m., with a chance of awesome-flurries as the night progresses.”

And then we'd be like, “And the muggy meter says there might be snow on a tall hill on the northernmost corner of the plateau — everybody stock up on ammo and canned food!” Because we're pretty sure that you have to tack on at least one piece of alarmist hyperbole at the end of every forecast. But that's neither here nor there, as The Spin is not likely to be offered a job on TV anytime soon — our mom always said we had a face for radio — and we wouldn't give up this sweet lifestyle even if we could. Really, does it get much better than showing up at “work” at 10 o'clock and then listening to live hip-hop until it's time to clock out? No it doesn't, especially when we can count on quality curating and the aforementioned cheap booze.

Making Moves is the latest curatorial creation from local MC Kid Dead, and it's a welcome edition to our show-going routine — it's nice to have a spot where you can count on seeing some legit talent, even if you don't really have a clue who's on the bill. We heard that last week's show with Kaby and PA Lit was packed to the gills, so we considered making it out this week a top priority, and that was a damn good call. While it wasn't the wildest night we've ever been a part of — the crowd was good but not crazy-huge — it was really chill, which is really about all we can handle on a Monday night. Also, the crowd seemed to have at representative from all the little sub-scenes that make up our larger hip-hop community: The Boom Bap's DJ Rate, The Flamingos, Ducko McFli, Sofa Brown, Quiet Entertainer, Al D ... hell, even local-rapper-cum-TV-litigant Rob Dee was in the house.

Beyond the social aspect — which is pretty key to getting our lazy asses out on a Monday — the music was tight. Ugly Lovely, who's been cranking out some hella-tight future-funk remixes lately, was in charge of the pre-game and interstitial music, which made us really just think that the dude is ready for primetime, full-on party sets — between-act time-killing is kind of a waste of the dude's rather impressive talent. Though he's been around for a minute, The Spin hadn't caught Adoniyah yet, and he was the first act up. While his stage presence leaves something to be desired — it was sort of timid and immobile — he's got a strong flow with thoughtful lyrics and a taste for deep, funky beats that is right in line with where our wig-dome was at.

Up next was Mac L — aka Mickey Luciano and/or Mac the Knife — who we've been following off and on for a few years now. We still maintain that he sounds best when he's fast-rapping, but his flow has matured, tightened up and generally just gotten better over the years, growing into the '90s underground-style flow he's long been refining. Mac really hit his stride when he was joined by the evening's closer, Prophicy, for a brief set of tandem raps. The Spin is more than willing to date ourselves by mentioning that the first rap record we ever owned was Run DMC's Raising Hell, and we are not afraid to admit that we love nothing more than rap duos throwing down tag-team style like The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff. We're old-school like that. Prophicy closed out the night on the solo tip, even serenading the handful of ladies up front before we grabbed his CD and hit the road. Yeah, we could have stuck around, but it was Monday. And don't get us started on how Tuesday can be some serious bullshit too.


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