Man Stabbed in the Face at Gregg Allman's Show at The Ryman



  • Image courtesy of WSMV
WSMV reports that a suspect by the name of Carl Brothers has been arrested for allegedly "stabbing and slicing" the face of a fellow Allmaniac at last night's Gregg Allman show at The Ryman. From the report:

Two men were attending a Gregg Allman concert and reportedly got into a fight in the balcony at the historic concert venue.

Officers said the two men were sitting next to each other and started fighting because the victim allegedly bumped into the suspect.

The victim said the suspect, Carl Brothers, began stabbing and slicing his face.

Officers said the victim held down the man's arms and ran away.

When the victim turned around, Brothers was chasing him. According to police, the suspect then started punching the victim in the head.

Ryman security broke up the fight and called Metro police.

Responders treated the victim for a wound to the head and took him to Baptist Hospital.

Officers charged Brothers with aggravated assault, disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

Ryman security? Oh, bless their hearts. Far be it from me to poke fun so soon after a stabbing, but this Brothers character sure doesn't seem very Laid Back, and I'd go so far as to say that He's No Angel. (Stabbin' Up a Storm, Stabbed the Hard Way, at least No Bullets Flew, et cetera.) I would, however, like to point out this little gem posted by commenter Richard Smith Jr. on the WSMV thread: "Ya can tell it was a Gregg Allman concert. Old school $#@kicking and stabbing. Learn something from this young folk." And what, exactly, is it that we're supposed to learn? Don't go to a Gregg Allman concert or else you'll get stabbed in the face??

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