Happy Holidays! Here Are Some Tunes and Shows


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Shove this little chestnut down your stocking.

Well, Christmas falls on a Sunday this year, and that means a lot of us will be taking a nice, roomy, four-day weekend. There will be a special holiday episode of The Chris Crofton Show bright and early tomorrow morning — and it's a good one ... boy, is it a good one — but past that, it's probably going to be pretty light around these parts for a few days. At least, that is, until the buzz of holiday libations and the pangs of anxiety inspired by time with family wear off.

But if you need a taste of rock while we're away, we have this much for you: I posted some holiday tunes from the likes of Tristen, Glossary, Evan P. Donohue & Natalie Prass and plenty more right here and right here, Vinyl Thief has an upbeat pop-rock number about Santa Claus right here, The Ettes have a particularly stirring and sweet little sleigh bell-adorned tune you can hear right here, and By Lightning! is offering two new new Lips-y, bouncy psych-pop tunes as a holiday gift right here. If you're in town for the weekend and looking for some fun times, see our feature on Johnny Warren and Charlie Cushman and our Critics' Picks on Kidsmeal, The Boom Bap, Mashville, Summer Zombie, The Long Players doing All Things Must Pass, the Christmas Eve Choral Concert at St. George's and more. Got any free tunes or hot shows we overlooked? Please, share them with us in the comments section. Happy holidays, and we'll see you all soon.


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