Cass McCombs Explains His Preference for Women Interviewers



You may recall last week's Cream post regarding Cass McCombs and his preference for speaking with female journalists. McCombs issued a holiday greeting via Pitch Perfect PR that sheds some light on his preference:

Season’s Greetings to All,

As the year comes to pass, I would like to send my love and gratitude to those who’ve made it such a beautiful ride. Pardon the clichés, my feelings are genuine: Bless You. From you, my friends and loved ones, I gather all my strength and peace. Which is why when a loved one is attacked, we retaliate. How else to honor love? Recently, I became aware of an article that portrayed a friend of mine in a not-so wonderful light. To hell with that, it was lowdown and untruthful. Although, in tabloid-style, exaggerating my friend’s behavior, clothing, drinking and drug use, the article failed to mention that she, my friend, was an artist in her own right. What’s more, the article failed to mention that my friend also sang on my record. The writer was male, my friend female, I draw my own conclusions. Since this, I have decided, for a while, to only communicate with journalists that are women. You may say my logic is flawed. Logic generally is, I speak from the heart. There are many corruptions in music, and music is a microcosm for our world. I believe we need more women in music on all sides. To male journalists, I hope you see this is not a personal slight against you, but a symbolic gesture to even the playing field. Anyway, I am just one artist, pretty small-time at that. This shouldn’t ruffle any feathers. I heard that a male magazine editor in Nashville, TN implied that this symbolism was “reverse sexism”. This gives you an idea of the corruption we’re up against.

With love, fun and music,


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