Matt Moody, 'Name Your Heart' [Fresh Vid]


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Knock knock.

Who's there?

Matt Moody, obviously. The Mood Man has clearly been relentlessly prolific this holiday season, releasing videos and videos and albums and tracks. Well, perhaps one of the most intriguing and generally awesome local rock-related stories of the year went down when, as you'll recall, Moody's "Name Your Heart" was featured in an extremely popular Spanish Mercedez-Benz commercial. Above you'll find the brand-new video for "Name Your Heart," which was directed by Moody's go-to video visionary, Amy Hobbs, and features the men of Moody's A Country Gentleman. Local rock buffs will notice representatives of The Good Americans, Millionaire Magicians, Battletapes and more in the mix.

Oh, and if you're a Spain-residing fan who surfed our way courtesy of a Moody-themed Google search, then hola!


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