Peach Kelli Pop Returns to Nashville, Plays Tonight at The Other Basement



Fans of unseasonable music for unseasonable weather, take heed: Peach Kelli Pop, Ottawa's reigning queen of lo-fi beach pop, makes her long-awaited return to Nashville with a show at The Other Basement tonight. The last time Peach Kelli Pop came to town, she played with Diarrhea Planet and Fox Fun at the late lamented Glenn Danzig's House, where I managed to shatter my flash unit on the floor and saw two dudes get into a raging dance off on top of a windowless van next door. Peacekeeper Cy Barkley looked exasperated, to say the least.

Usually the destruction of a couple hundred dollars' worth of camera equipment is enough to harsh my buzz, but there's something so infectious and charming about PKP's fuzzed-out sunshine pop that it kept me going until the end. If you dig both Vivian Girls and The Shangri-Las, you'll probably be into Peach Kelli Pop. It's a testament to the power of pop music, or something.

Here's a blast from the (recent) past in the form of my pick from May:

I don’t know when or how it happened, but all of a sudden surf rock and ’50s girl pop are cool again. Maybe we have Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino to blame for reintroducing lo-fi beach pop into the collective indie/punk consciousness. Maybe the world up and decided that they weren’t too cool for fun pop songs after all. Whatever it is, if this development keeps bringing us bands like Peach Kelli Pop, we should all be grateful. Peach Kelli Pop is the solo project from White Wires drummer Allie Hanlon, who released her debut self-titled LP of lo-fi summertime lovey-dovey pop jams last year on Ontario’s Going Gaga Records (soon to be reissued by Infinity Cat). Hanlon is playing her first show in Nashville, which promises to be sugary sweet and full of lyrics like “when I say L-U-V, you know what it means to me.” Awww!

D. Watusi, Fancytramp and (once again) Fox Fun also play. The show kicks off at 9 p.m. sharp, and since this is a house show, there's no reason to believe they're bluffing on that. The Other Basement is on 14th Ave. near Belmont. I'll leave it up to your sleuthing skills to find the exact address. Cover is $5 and it's all ages.

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