Arrests Made in Great Escape Robbery, Ocelots Guitarist Chris Hargrow Named as Stabbing Victim [Updated]


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Great Escape clerk Christopher Hargrow (right) pictured with Ocelots.
  • Great Escape clerk Christopher Hargrow (right) pictured with Ocelots.
Metro police have arrested and charged two men allegedly involved in last night’s robbery and stabbing at The Great Escape in Madison. They are previously convicted robber James Coss, 23, and parolee Dusty Krantz, 25.

Additionally, police have named Christopher Hargrow, 36, as the Great Escape clerk that one of the suspects supposedly scuffled with and stabbed during the incident. A comment left on the previous post regarding the robbery identifies Hargrow as the guitarist for local indie-rock trio Ocelots. Posted under the user name Paul — perhaps the band’s drummer, Paul Spivey — the comment reads, “He'll be laid up for a while, but he is leaving the hospital and we're thankful he wasn't hurt worse.” Hargrow is currently in stable condition at Vanderbilt Medical Center. His injuries are not life-threatening. We here at Cream wish him a full and speedy recovery.

Coss and Krantz are also suspected of pulling a second robbery at Family Dollar in Joelton shortly after the one at Great Escape, where two employees were held up at knife-point by a man fitting Coss’ description. The two men were apprehended during a traffic stop on the 100 block of Gallatin Pike and taken into custody. Police say a witness positively identified Coss as The Great Escape robber. Coss — a Hermitage resident who was convicted of aggravated robbery in 2007 — is charged with attempted homicide and aggravated robbery for the dickish outlaw bullshit he allegedly pulled last night at The Great Escape. For $210K you can bond him out of jail, though, to editorialize, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Coss’ supposed criminal cohort, Krantz, is facing two counts of aggravated robbery for his alleged involvement in the Family Dollar hold-up. Arson, theft and manufacturing methamphetamine are listed among his cache of prior convictions. You can bond out his allegedly unreformed ass for $150K. But make sure to hide to your matches, your valuables and your Sudafed if you do.

Police anticipate both men will face additional charges and are withholding their mug shots pending lineups pertaining to other crimes, including the Family Dollar robbery.

Update: According to this tweet and this Facebook post from Ocelots, Hargrow has been discharged from the hospital.


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