Christmas Party & Bullsh*t: This Holiday in Nashville Hip-Hop [Spoken Nerd, Gummy Soul, G.E.D. Soul, Future]


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What goes on, kids?! How's your holiday season treating you? Get all your shopping done? Baked all those cookies yet? Yeah, me neither — that stuff can wait until the 24th. But did you check out the Year in Music coverage in this week's print edition, specifically the Party & Bullsh*t portion of the coverage? Of course you did, 'cuz you guys are awesome like that. Let's just bask in the glow for minute. Done basking? Good, 'cuz I wanna listen to some Christmas music. Up first we've got Spoken Nerd's holiday classic "Christmas in the Club," which you might remember from ... last year. OK, it's only a year old, but it's still pretty damn classic. And hilarious. Watch that video and tell me it's not classic, I dare you.

* The Gummy Soul crew top off a rather stellar year — including landing on the P&B Top 10 — with what is, in my professional opinion, an instant classic. "It's Christmas" is laid-back, low-key and fun, the way the holidays should be, but usually aren't.

* G.E.D. Soul Records Super Soul Christmas EP is exactly what you expect it to be. This one has been on repeat all season long.

* And finally, we've got an old cut that the recently re-emerged Future dropped on Twitter the other day. I remember when this dropped the first time. Please pardon me while I get wistfully nostalgic.

Got any dope tunes, hot videos or spiked egg nog? Hit me up on Twitter or email music[at]nashvillescene[dot]com.


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