Poetry Sucks! Feat. Nickole Brown, Daniel Pujol, Jacklyn Marceau and Mystery Twins, Tonight at Dino's



Hey, poetry! The tough kind. The Bukowski kind, not the wimpy kind. Actually, I'm kidding. I think any sort of unique, moving poetry is tough — it takes a certain kind of toughness to expose yourself in that way. And I'm glad we have the sort of local rock scene that can embrace that sort of toughness. Anyhow, for the second installment of Poetry Sucks! A Night of Poetry, Music and All Sorts of Bad Language, poets Nickole Brown, Daniel Pujol — who publishes his EGGS poems right here on the Cream — and Jacklyn Marceau will read their work. There will also be a performance from Mystery Twins, the new project from Doug and Stef of The Clutters. They're the ones who covered Petula Clark's "Heart" for the Moxie Grey Vintage promo vid last month — which I've embedded again after the jump for good measure. Culture editor Steve Haruch lived up to his job title and wrote a Critics' Pick on this culturally noteworthy affair. Here's how it goes:

Last month’s inaugural Poetry Sucks! night both lived up to its full and proper name — Poetry Sucks! A Night of Poetry, Music and All Sorts of Bad Language — and marked the auspicious beginning of a genuine happening on the East Side. The December installment will feature Nickole Brown, poet, fiction writer and assistant professor of English at the University of Arkansas, who also worked a spell as editorial assistant for Hunter S. Thompson. Joining her are Jacklyn Marceau (an instructor at Stephens College whose forthcoming memoir concerns the decade she spent working as a stripper), Daniel Pujol (the local rocker/stream-of-consciousness poem scribe) and Mystery Twins (the new musical duo featuring Doug and Steph from local garage-rock mainstay The Clutters). Come for the culture, stay for the cussing and cheap beer! —STEVE HARUCH

There's also a Facebook event page, as I know how much you guys love that sort of thing.

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