Third Man's 45 iPhone Case, American Songwriter's Top Songs of 2011, Time's Top 10 Records of 2011 [Newsy Bits]



* In August, when we at the Cream hosted our fifth anniversary party at Third Man Records, I — not unlike Charlie, Veruca, Violet and the rest of the Golden Ticket gang — was granted a tour of Jack White's sonic chocolate factory. Did you know they have a river of molten vinyl there?! And a room full of interns who, not unlike Oompa-Loompas, sing in unison and test out products?! OK, those things aren't technically true. But this is: TMR has released an iPhone case that features "components made from 7” vinyl records from Third Man’s extensive catalog, all pressed at United Record Pressing in Nashville." See a picture over there on the right. The cases run at $29.99 a pop. What about us Android users, though? Well. My phone is called a "Fascinate," and that's probably too lame to deserve any sort of fancy-pants case. Fair enough.

* American Songwriter has seriously entered the year-end-list zone. It began with their top records of 2011, and now they've moved on to their Top 50 Songs of 2011. Much like the albums list, the songs countdown is riddled with locals. You've got The Ettes' “Excuse” at No. 48, Pistol Annies' “Trailer for Rent” at No. 41, Those Darlins' “Waste Away” at No. 38, Matraca Berg's “You and Tequila” at No. 35, Abigail Washburn's “Burn Thru” at No. 22, Miranda Lambert's “Fine Tune” at No. 21, Jessica Lea Mayfield's “Trouble” at No. 11 (she's not technically local, but we love trying to claim her), Amanda Shires' “When You Need a Train It Never Comes” at No. 5, Gillian Welch's “The Way It Goes” at No. 4 and Hayes Carll's “Another Like You” at No. 1. Damn. Nashville all up in it.

* If you're quite good at Internetting, then I'll bet you tweet. And if you tweet, you may have seen our tweet about how Caitlin Rose's Own Side Now was named Time Magazine's No. 7 album of 2011 by writer Claire Suddath — who used to write for the Scene, as it happens. Well, Time was riding Nashville's jock more than just a little bit, as they also put The Black Keys (No. 10) and The Civil Wars (No. 9) on their list. Of course, Own Side Now was our No. 1 record of 2010 (since it was available as an import). Oh, and when Suddath says, "Don't ask us why there's a picture of a minivan on the cover [of The Black Keys' El Camino]"? Yeah, don't ask them. Ask us. Drummer Patrick Carney explained it when I interviewed him.

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