G-Side w/Chancellor Warhol, Openmic and Future Tonight at The End



Apologies, Vols fans.

Who's ready for a midweek dose of progressive hip-hop? Contributor Sean L. Maloney already spoke on tonight's G-Side show at The End in his most recently Party & Bullsh*t installment, but let's have another look at his Critic's Pick. You know, for good measure.

You know, for an indie act from right down the road, Huntsville's G-Side almost never stops here in Music City. Hell, it's been well over a year since the Rocket City rap outfit played one of the best sets we've ever seen at SoundLand — or Next Big Nashville, or whatever it was called whenever that was. Since then, they've released two stellar albums — January's One and last month's Island — and played shows across the globe, developing an international reputation for creating some of the most progressive, infectious hip-hop out there. Tracks from their latest record like “Cast Away” and “Stay-cation” tow a line between classic soul melodies and Asmovian, deep-space soundscapes that one would expect from our nation's rocket science capital. The best part of G-Side's rise (they're part of Spin's underground rap-themed issue The Changing Face of Hip-Hop — not bad for some kids from ’Bama) is that with each step forward into the limelight, their music has gotten better. —SEAN L. MALONEY

Seven bones will get you in.

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