Madi Diaz, 'Down We Go (Jensen Sportag's 'Trust Fall' Remix)' [Fresh Track]


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Those Jensen Sportag boys just don't quit. Funny story: Our Year in Music issue goes to press today, and part of the package features a critics-voted top 10 of 2011's best local releases. (Wait, keep reading — I haven't gotten to the funny part yet.) Even though I reminded our voters that singles and EPs weren't permitted, Jensen Sportag's Pure Wet still landed in the top 10. Of course, I had to eliminate it, because — as I mentioned — no EPs! Anyway, you know you've got a strong collection of songs when a pack of music writers will ignore the rules and vote for it anyhow. Because, as we all know, music writers love following rules.

But the matter at hand is this: The ever-productive Sportagians have released their seventh and final remix of the year, and one-half of JS describes it as "The centerpiece. The god damn medallion. The dopest one for sure." It's a remix of fellow local Madi Diaz's track "Trust Fall" that the boys titled "Down We Go." It premiered via the Fader, and you can hear it packaged with the rest of Jensen Sportag's 2011 remixes via Soundcloud (embedded after the jump). "Down We Go" is a glistening platter of synth-pop decadence, fit for the hippest of dance floors and lushest of '80s coke parties. Not that we condone that sort of thing, obviously. You know, I saw both Madi Diaz and Jensen's Austin Sportag at the Sade show at Bridgestone earlier this year ... that, in its way, kind of says it all. Hear "Down We Go (Jensen Sportag 'Trust Fall' Remix)" below.


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